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About Us

AvWorks Aerospace is an Aircraft Maintenance and Management company that was founded in 2012 by Mark Bushrod at the Calgary/Springbank Airport.

Since then we have grown to be recognized as a trusted source for quality aircraft maintenance. Our services have been requested in many different countries, including the United States, Ecuador, Guadalupe, Fiji, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica and Croatia.

Our primary goal here at AvWorks is to make private aircraft ownership a more enjoyable experience. We believe that the relationships between aircraft and owner, as well as owner and maintainer, are the key components to this experience.

We help you to build a better relationship with your aircraft through education. By inviting you to participate in your annual inspection, and showing you how things work "under the hood", we aim to increase your knowledge and confidence in the aircraft when flying.

Communication and trust is what builds the foundation of any strong relationship. We provide estimates for all work and repairs whenever possible so that you know what to expect when the invoice arrives. We will also provide you with our honest recommendations on any defects found. This will allow you to make an informed decision on whether to repair any optional items now, or at a more convenient time in the future.

Looking ahead, we are planning to continue our high standard of Aircraft Maintenance across our entire network, while exploring more ways to bring a more enjoyable ownership experience to you.

Please visit our Contact page for more information on our locations, or you can also find us on Facebook, where we post company news and photos of our team doing what they do best.


Aircraft Maintenance

Experienced on most turbine and piston engine aircraft, including seaplanes...

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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Available individually, or as part of the Aircraft Import/Export Package...

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Approvals & Permits

We can handle all Ferry Permits, Aircraft Recoveries, Ground Transportation requirements...

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Maintenance Policy Manuals (MPM)

Get an approved MPM, customized to meet your organizations current needs and future goals.

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Maintenance Control Manuals (MCM)

Get an approved MCM, customized to meet your organizations current needs and future goals...

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Maintenance Schedules (MSA)

Get an approved MSA, with Engine On-Condition Programs available...

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Person Responsible for Maintenance Control (PRMC)

Are you in control of your maintenance? Let us help you feel at ease with our PRMC services...

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Person Responsible For Maintenance (PRM)

We specialize in helping small operators minimize their overhead, while getting the experience they need...

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Specialized Maintenance

Structural Repairs, Avionics Upgrades, Undocumented Parts re-certification...

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Importing & Exporting

Getting everything right is the key to a smooth transition when crossing borders...

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Aircraft Recovery

Stuck on the ramp or sunk to the bottom, we know Aircraft Recovery and what it takes...

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Mobile Aircraft Service Units (MSU)

Let us come to you! Quick repairs or annual inspections, our MSU's are well equipped...

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Log Entry

Kelowna is our only base which is entirely mobile! We have a well equipped Mobile Aircraft Service Unit (MSU) available to come to your hangar to perform your private annual inspections. We're currently serving the Okanagan Region from Kamloops to Grand Forks and Merrit to Nelson. Give us a call today!

AvWorks Aerospace (YLW)
Kelowna, B.C.
V1V 2V1
Phone: +1-778-347-4260
Facilities: No
Mobile Service Unit: Yes

The is the company headquarters and main base location. Our facility is equipped for Avionics Upgrades, Structural Repairs and Engine Overhauls. We're currently serving all areas in Alberta, give us a call today!

AvWorks Aerospace (YBW)
F5, 563 Hurricane Drive.
Calgary, AB
T3Z 3S8
Phone: +1-403-286-0480
Facilities: Yes
Mobile Service Unit: Yes

Primarily responsible for the Future Air Flight School, Cessna fleet maintenance. We're currently serving most areas of Southern Ontario. Give us a call today!

AvWorks Aerospace (NY3)
#9A-1969 Concession Rd. #6 North
Stayner, ON
L0M 1S0
Phone: +1-705-331-5879
Facilities: Yes
Mobile Service Unit: Yes
Frequently Asked

A: It is an inspection cycle that most private aircraft owners use to keep their aircraft in compliance. The inspection is usually performed in accordance with CAR Std. 625 Appendix 'B'. The time it takes to complete the inspection depends largely on the model of aircraft, however we can often provide a flat rate up front so the costs are predictable. Contact the location nearest you for more information!

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A: Some examples of Out of Phase Tasks are:

  • ELT inspection and recertification. This is due every year for 121.50MHz ELT's, and with the latest amendment to the CAR, every second year for 406MHz ELT.
  • ELT battery replacement is due as per the ELT manufacturers recommendations and generally range from 5 to 7 years.
  • Compass deviation calibration (Compass Swing) is due once each year and takes 2 people approximately 1 hour to complete.
  • Tachometer Calibration is due once each year and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • Fire Extinguisher inspection and recertification is due once each year and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • First Aid Kit inspection and recertification takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • Propeller (fixed pitch) corrosion and dimension inspection is due every 5 years and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.
  • Altimetry Devices (Altimeter, Transponder, Encoder) are due every 2 years.

These inspections are all required in addition to the maintenance program, and are the owners responsibilities to have accomplished. For more information see CAR Std. 625 Appendix B & C.

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A: Aside from specific, customer requested items, there are typically Airworthiness Directives (ADs) that need to me performed because many are due on a yearly basis.

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A: The aircraft owner is always responsible for AD compliance, however we can do the research and perform the AD requirements at the owners request.

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A: Inspections are performed and the owner is notified of any defects. Costs of repairing defects are not included.

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A: Defects are recorded and then they are addressed with the owner, so we can discuss what options are available and what the cost of rectification will be.

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A: Yes! In fact, we encourage owners to participate in the inspection so they can build a relationship with their aircraft. Of course, the level of participation is limited to specific, elementary type tasks and a licensed AME must be present at all times. Having owners present during an inspection is also preferred in case defects are found, that way we can possibly address the defect on the spot, therefore saving time in having to re-access the particular area at a later date.

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A: Yes, but it is an indirect savings. Any work you are able to carry out is work that our staff will not have to, so you may save some man hours there. The bigger savings is usually when defects can be authorized for repair on the spot, which means we don't need to gain access to the location a second time to do the repair. These are man hours that would otherwise cost you twice as much because of having to repeat the steps.

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A: With most companies you would only have one option, which is to apply for a Ferry permit and fly it to the maintenance facility. AvWorks Aerospace offers its customers a unique service with our Mobile Aircraft Service Units (or MSU's). We can bring our MSU to your location and perform the Annual Inspection on site! Of course the MSU cannot offer the same functionalities as a full maintenance facility, so if major defects are found, we would have to assess our options and possibly fly it back to our facility for repair.

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A: No. Our MSU's have their own overhead costs, such as vehicle insurance, fuel and of course maintenance, so we keep the hourly cost at the same rate for driving as we do on-wing.

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A: The short answer is yes, because our staff is a fixed overhead cost that we cannot avoid, however we do assess each situation and make recommendations on what is most cost effective for the owner. Sometimes the cost of getting a Ferry Permit is more advantageous than doing the work on site, it just depends on what maintenance is required.

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A: Ideally all aircraft maintenance is performed at our maintenance facility, however there are times where the aircraft cannot move without maintenance being performed first. Some examples of this are defects that make the aircraft un-airworthy, such as a hard landing, a faulty starter, a dead magneto, an overdue AD, or possibly even damaged caused to the aircraft by ground equipment.

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