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AvWorks Aerospace operates a fleet of Mobile Aircraft Service Units, or MSU's, that allow us to perform specific maintenance tasks at your location.

These MSU's are especially unique because they are equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to perform these tasks safely and legally. They offer a much more professional option to the old "pickup truck and a tool bag" that we have all seen in the past.

Many owners have their aircraft stored in a facility that is suitable for performing maintenance. We can work through our facility checklist to ensure that your hanger is appropriate for the work to be accomplished.

That might mean outside on a sunny day for a quick repair, or it could mean a heated, lit facility for major work or during inclement weather. The good news is, we bring a fully equipped Mobile Service Unit to your location to get the job done. Don't have a suitable facility? No problem! We have hangar usage agreements already in place at many of the airfields we service and arrangements can always be made if we don't.

Did you accidentally go past your Annual Inspection, or fly over an Airworthiness Directive? Maybe you landed at a remote strip and picked up a nail in your tire?

Now there is need to risk your C of A flying illegally to our maintenance base! With our MSU's we can get you out of a jamb and back in the air, legal and safe.

This is just another way that AvWorks is making private aircraft ownership a more enjoyable experience!

MSU-1 in Airdrie
MSU-1 with a Beech 99
MSU-2 Ready to go!
MSU-2 on the scene!